Name: Evgeny Alexandrovich Mishin
Birthday: 02/21/76
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 290 lbs. contest ready - 350 lbs off-season
Hometown: New York, Hicksville
Occupation: Trainer, Model, Actor
Hobbies: History books, Action Movies, Weapons, Cars and travel.




Education: Graduated St. Petersburge Univeristy in 1998 with a Bachelors in Science of Physical Culture
Certifed Mythologist for medical gymnastics

2002: Champion of Russia and Europe
2003: Earned Pro Card
2006: Started to work in TV & Film

Competition History

2011 The Olympia -15 Place
2011 The Europa Pro Show-3 Place
2010 The Olympia -15 place
2010 NY Pro show -6 Place
2010 The Europa Pro Show - 3 place
2009 NY PRO Show -8 th Place
2008 NY Pro Show - 15th Place
2008 Houston Pro Show- 10 th place  and 
2006 Ironman - 17th Place
2006 San Francisco - 17th Place
2006 Colorado - 17th Place
2006 NY Pro- 18th Place
2004-Night of Champions   19th place pro-comp.
2003-Night of Champions   20th place pro-comp.
2002-Championship of Europe 1st place.
2002-Championship of Russia 1st place.
2002-Championship of Russia 1st place.Spring.
2002-Championship of Russia 1st division couple posing of body building
1998-2002 Three times all around champion of body building.
1997-International Championship of powerlifting.2nd place.
1997-Championship of Russia of power lifting 1st place.
1995-Championship of Russia of powerlifting.1st place.



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