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New commercial October 11, 2013

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Evgeny in Muscle Mag and Russian Hercules
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2012 New Magazines


2012 Brazilian Magazine

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2011 Muscle Show from Spain





2010 Publicity



Dec 6, 2009 Muscle Mag photos



June 6, 2009


Evgeny with Arnold





2010 Publicity



Dec 6, 2009 Muscle Mag photos



June 6, 2009


Evgeny with Arnold




NEW PROMO PHOTO Feb. 28, 2009

NEW VIDEO PROMO - Feb. 27, 2009

Eugene Jet Fuse

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Evgeny On TV in Russia

Profile for Ironman Magazine in Russia

New SuperBowl Commercial 2009



Evgeny's wedding at the 2007 Arnold Classic

2009 Magazine Coverage
Eugene Mishin - Jet Fuel Ad 2009
Featured in Russian Magazine - July 2007


Muscular Developement - May 06


Newspaper Articles
Newspaper Articles

New Yorker Magazine - November 2005

"Culture Of Body" 2000 "Culture of Body" 2001 "Culture of Body" 2002 "Culture of Body" 2003 "Commercial for Christmas" 2003
FLEX Magazine- 2004 "Culture of Body"- Article 2001 Pg. 1 Pg. 2 Pg. 3
Pg. 5 Commercial- "Culture of Body" 2003 Commercial- "Culture of Body" 2002 Commercial- "Culture of Body" 2001 Commercial- "Culture of Body" 2002
ESPN 2003 ESPN 2003 Military Magazine 2004 Article from Newspaper after Championship Europe 2002 Commercial- Italian Restaurant 2000


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